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Update: 7/25/02, We have added a new, and improved Guest Book, Check it out on the side bar!
We are also working on getting a new message board up... Please be patient.

Welcome to the Berkshire Ridge Runners Home Page!
Are you a 4x4 lover? Then you've come to the right place.

About Us
We are a group of 15 members from the Berkshire County area.

Message Board
You can get to our Message Board by clicking on "Message Board" on the side bar.

Meetings and Trip Scheduls
For the members in the "WHATS HAPPENING PAGE" you will find a list of all the scheduled meetings and trips including times, dates, and locations..

What gives all off roaders a bad name!
When you head for the trails this is most likely what you will find ->->->->->->->->->->->->->
And who gets the blame for it? The off roader!
This type of action is done by ignorant people with no respect for the beauty of the outdoors.
I just want to state, you may blame us for spinning up mud and dirt, misplaceing a few rocks and even the occasional broken tree branch BUT NEVER THIS->->->->->->
All off roaders I know have rules and one of the most enforced is "BRING OUT WHAT YOU BRING IN" !!
So I put all on notice if we see anyone doing this action WE WILL REPORT YOU TO THE AUTHORITIES !!!!!!!!!

Photo Gallery
We have all kinds of pictures: Members pictures and particularly pictures of off-road trips. Come check it out!