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Spring Run:

2002 Spring Run, The first of a great year to come!
Spring Run went well with no major break downs, just a few over heats and one bent steering arm, the mud was deep and the weather was with us, it was a great time for all!

The line up

Last minute checks, and the drawing of the straws to see who gets to play first!

Trail Boss Hammer (Jay)
First One In
Boy is this stuff going to be great!
Here's Sammy!
Time to kick in the 4 wheel drive!
MUD! You gotta love it !

The boys from New Hampshire
We had some visitor from New Hampshire come down to play with us and I must say the 2001 STOCK Jeep with no lift and puddle jumper tires (Wranglers) was very impressive, alot of head scratching in amazement watching this Jeep make it threw places no stock vehical should have gone.
I think I speak for the club when I say HATS OFF TO YA!! GREAT RUN!!

The new 1999 Jeep u boat!
Thats all she wrote captian!
You call this water?!